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Sheets of securities are manufactured using unique paper, milled according to special order at the Goznak paper mills.

Watermark design is an overall geometric ornamental pattern, used for our enterprises applications only. Paper has cotton fibers, polymeric thread with micro text, visible and invisible security fibers.

Security level


Sheets of securities are manufactured in strict accordance with requirements to sheets of securities, stated in the Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation No.14n dated 07.02.2003 in the section Technical requirements and manufacturing conditions of security documents with following letters and amendments.

Sheets of securities correspond to security level B, and according to some indications surpasses it. Detailed security features specification of sheets of securities contains in quality certificate, handed over to the customer along with the print run.

Printing samples of sheets of securities are directed for control and expertise to the joint commission of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.