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For many years we manufacture security entry tickets for sport contests, concerts, festivals.

Входные билеты. Первый печатный двор

Strict control during manufacturing process is the reliable guarantee of appearance of unauthorized circulations. Authorization of each ticket against time of caring out, stand, section, seat etc.

Duplication of ticket’s information by barcode allows automatic registration of a ticket during control.

Perforation is stipulated on a ticket both for control and counterfoil, tickets for one row can be sewed together in one book.

VIP tickets can have additional security features as relief stamping and holographic foil stamping

Входные билеты Parter

History of this direction of our activity begins from World youth games in Moscow.

The order of the Moscow government for manufacture of entry tickets was fulfilled in the shortest time (with whole circulation almost 2 000 000 pcs for 11 days of contests and 18 sport events.

Besides standard sets: stand/sector/seat, authorization included: date, place of contest, hall map, sport event smart icon, and comments in three languages.

Подарочные сертификаты. Первый печатный двор